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Estate agency fees is one of the major contributors in cost of selling a house. Save thousands by selling it yourself using RealEstateTalk

Selling a house is possibly the biggest transaction that you’ll ever undertake and within that transaction is the cost of estate agency fees.  It is a large amount of money and to avoid paying those hefty costs, you need to use RealEstateTalk.

In most house sale cases; the seller sells their residential property in order to buy another.  There are lots of reasons why people move; upsizing, downsizing, moving area, retiring, divorce and others too.  Often, people underestimate the cost involved in selling a house and are shocked to find out that a considerable portion of their sales’ proceeds are taken away, leaving them with less than they anticipated and even a gap in their finances that prevents them buying another property they really want.

The top three costs that sellers must pay attention to are:

  • Estate agents’ fees.
  • Mortgage repayment costs (if any).
  • Conveyancing fees.

Here’s an illustrated example that considers the most common cost elements.  Of course, there may be other costs associated with the sale, such as capital gains tax, home report (for Scotland only) and more, these must also be considered, depending on the seller’s situation.


Sale value £256,000

Cost element Amount
EPC Cost £120
Agents commission £5,120
Conveyancing fees £1,200
Mortgage repayment £2,500
Removal costs £1,000
Total Cost £9,940

This example is for illustration purpose only. We have considered most common cost elements.
There could be other costs such as capital gain tax, home report (Scotland) which should be considered depending upon seller’s situation.

In the above illustration, you can note that the estate agent’s fee constitutes around 52% of the total cost, followed by mortgage repayment costs, which is approximately 25% and the conveyancing costs at 12%.
Now let’s talk about ways to reduce the costs.

Estate Agency Fees

  • Typical high street estate agents charge between 1.5 to 2% of the sales value. This is a substantial amount.  You could use a Fixed Fee Online Estate Agent.  These services charge somewhere between £750 to £1,500. Or, to really make huge savings, you could use our outstanding mobile App., RealEstateTalk.
  • Simply advertise your property for up to 3 months for just £249.  That’s it!  Nothing else to pay and a huge saving.
  • See our Online Saving Calculator to find out how much you could save when you use RealEstateTalk.  It’s so easy and it really works.

Give it a try here, download RealEstateTalk.

Mortgage Repayment Costs

  • Many lenders charge exit fees ranging from £100 to £450 and early repayment charges ranging from 1% to 5% of the balance when you wish to repay your mortgage.
  • If you’re selling your house to buy another house, we recommend talking to your existing lender to discuss whether you can port your mortgage. Not all mortgage products have a porting option, but if yours does, it can considerably reduce your repayment costs.
  • It is also worth talking to a mortgage advisor, they may be able to help you save on this cost too.

Conveyancing Costs

  • For your property conveyancing process you need to appoint a solicitor or conveyancer. This article from the Homeowner’s Alliance ( will help you determine which you need.
  • Typical conveyancing fees cost anything from £850 to £1,800, the cost does vary, depending on factors such as the value of your property, whether it’s leasehold or freehold, mortgaged or not etc.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

  • You are legally required to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when a property is rented, sold or constructed.
  • To obtain one, you need to find out who the domestic energy assessor is in your area. You can do so by visiting the EPC Register Website (or search on Google Maps) which details your local registered domestic assessors and EPC certificate ratings of other properties in your area.
  • This service is free to use but you will have to pay for an EPC certificate, which is approximately £60 to £120.

Removals Costs

  • Did you know that in 2020, the average UK removal company costs for a 3-bed house travelling up to 50 miles was approximately £1,181? Of course, the cost depends on size of property and moving distance.  Here’s a useful article about removal planning and we’ve also detailed some cost-comparison sites for removals:

Removal Reviews

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