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Our Story

It all started with a tech-savvy IT enthusiast, Dilip Apte who began an IT consulting career back in 2010. His background was project management consultancy in various niche areas, such as process automation in the manufacturing industry, data analytics and data intelligence and cloud computing. Additionally, Dilip was a keen property investor.

Dilip Apte

The Clever RealEstateTalk Idea

In 2017, Dilip was looking to sell one of his properties but was reluctant to pay the extortionate estate agent’s commission that he’d been quoted. So, he wondered if he could do it himself. However, there were few/no options available to help him with his sale, so he had to use an estate agency. It fuelled an idea and using his own expertise in the IT industry, he decided to create a cheap and affordable property sales and rental solution, to help people sell or rent their property directly and save them £thousands in commission.
RealEstateTalk is the result.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, it’s a perfect timing to start such a DIY approach to property buying and selling using the technology available to us today.

2020 has been a year which most of us will never forget. The global pandemic caused a substantial downturn in the global economy moving us towards an unforeseen recession. Although government is trying their best to support businesses, it’s very hard to satisfy everyone. The self-employed community has been hit the hardest. We are all in a situation where we should attempt to save our hard-earned money wherever possible – every penny counts. Being self employed himself, Dilip can understand the need to save wherever we can in the current scenario.

RealEstateTalk is FREE to download. You pay only when you post a property AD. So feel free to download and start using it and save as much as you can in the current situation.

Why RealEstate Talk is right for you?

We provide a simple mobile technology platform for people to buy and sell houses throughout the UK so that you can sell your house quicker, cheaper and simpler.

We make selling your house simple + cheaper
We’ve carefully designed the App. so it’s simple to use and effective too. The technology is cutting-edge, it’s fast and free to download, designed for house buyers, sellers, renters, and property service providers to use anywhere in the UK. The end aim is that you sell your house or rent your property faster than you would through an estate agent and without paying their huge fees. It works!

You take control of your property sale or property rental
No more waiting for the estate agent to get back to you about interested buyers or renters. No more chasing your tail or spending a fortune on fees – just one, simple App. that helps you to sell, rent or even buy a property fast. You speak direct to interested viewers and negotiate the price you want. The App. also gives you access to a wealth of other property services, including removals, EPC providers, solicitors and more. You take control of your property sale or rental.

Taking away the stress of selling, buying or renting a property
As you’re in control of your property selling or renting journey, you don’t experience the same stress levels as you would when using an estate agent or multiple estate agents. There’s more time to focus on other areas of your life, our handy App. keeps everything in one, easy-to-use space.

We’re community-minded
RealEstateTalk cares, about your property sale or rental and we also care about the community. We give back as well and are committed to making the world a better place for all. To that end, we donate £10 to charity for every sale completed via our App.