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Take control in your hands and save thousands

Private property selling and letting made easy. At last!

As a property owner, utilizing innovative social media platform exclusive to the property industry presents a unique opportunity to sell or rent your property privately while saving thousands. RealEstate Talk offers all the standard social media features, such as the ability to like, comment, and share property posts, making it easy to create viral campaigns that reach a wider audience.

* Other premium paid options available

* Other premium paid options available

3 easy steps to list your property

1 Property Owner Community

Prepare your Ad content

Crafting your property advert is a straightforward process! Begin by considering what you want to convey about your property, then put it into words. Detail all of the rooms and features, snap photos using your camera phone, and choose the relevant amenities from our list. Finally, set the price and, if desired, add a floor plan. With these simple steps, you can create an exceptional advert that showcases your property’s unique qualities and appeals to potential buyers or tenants.

2 Create Property Ad

Create AD and Pay (only for premium plans)

Creating your advert is a hassle-free process with our app! Watch our tutorial video to see just how easy it is to create a stunning advert.You have the option to post your advert for free or upgrade to our premium plans. Take advantage of this simple and effective way to showcase your property to potential buyers or tenants and post your advert today!

With the advancement of internet and mobile technology, it’s easier than you think to post property AD online!

3 We Will Approve The Property

We review and approve your content

Rest assured that your advert will be reviewed by our diligent support team to ensure compliance. Once your advert is approved, it will be immediately visible to any potential buyers searching on our app. Our commitment to maintaining high standards means that your advert will be seen by genuine buyers who are actively searching for properties, increasing your chances of a successful sale or rental. Trust us to help you find the right buyer or tenant for your property!

Instantly showcase your property

Your property will be in front of property community instantly!

Get your property noticed by active property investors and buyers instantly! Once your property advert is approved and live, it will be featured on the home page of the app with an automatic feed. People can like, comment or share your property, just like any other social media app. This means that your property will be immediately visible to potential buyers or investors who can contact you directly. Take advantage of this prime opportunity to showcase your property and receive quick responses from interested parties.

We Will Approve The Property
Chat with property buyers

Chat with people

Who liked, Commented or shared your property

Maximize the potential of our innovative social media platform and generate leads for your property for sale or rent! You’ll have access to see who has liked, commented or shared your property and can directly initiate a chat with them without even sharing your mobile number. Plus, you’ll receive instant notifications when someone responds to your chat messages. Seize this opportunity to effectively connect with potential buyers or tenants and take control of your property listings.

Be organised

Manage your Viewings and Offers

Organizing your property viewings & offers has never been easier! Interested buyers or tenants can request a viewing and make an offer via our app. Whether you’re at work or in a meeting, with just a few clicks, you can effortlessly accept, reject or suggest an alternative viewing time. Take advantage of this great tool to efficiently manage your property viewings amidst your busy schedule.

Manager property viewing and offers
Stay connected with buyer community

Stay connected

Never miss a Message, Viewing or Comments

With our innovative social media app, you’ll receive instant notifications and email when someone likes, comments, shares, requests a viewing, or makes an offer on your property. You can immediately engage with these prospects, whether you’re at home, work, or on the train. Experience a revolutionary way to sell or rent your property, try it out now!

Be pro-active

Match Interested buyers and registered app users in your area

Take advantage of our unique feature that allows sellers to match their property with prospective buyers in the area and start chatting with them. This pro-active approach can help you sell or rent your property quickly and easily. Using advanced algorithms, the app connects your property with interested buyers and notifies them when new listings match their criteria.

* Only for few premium plans

Search property saler

* Only for few premium plans

Search proprty service provider

Search property service provider

Build your team and make your property ready to list!

RealEstate Talk goes beyond just connecting property owners with potential buyers or tenants. From EPC providers and photographers to surveyors, builders, electricians, solicitors, and more, RealEstate Talk makes it easy to find and connect with top property professionals in your area.

Building a strong team can be key to a successful DIY property sale or rental, and RealEstate Talk provides the tools you need to make it happen.

Get Help from Community

You have the full support of the entire community, never feel alone.

Rest assured that you are not on your own, as the entire community is standing by your side and supporting you. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance by creating a post and requesting help, just like any other social media platform. The dynamic property community and service providers are eager to lend a hand and promptly address your concerns.

Get help from property commuity
Get Support to sale your property

Get Support

We’re here for you, with friendly support throughout your property journey.

You can count on our friendly support to be there for you at every stage of your property journey, guiding and assisting you whenever you need us. You can raise a support ticket from the app. You can chat with our support team using in-built messaging system.

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