There are two main reasons why someone is viewing your home, either they want to rent it out or they are thinking of making it their home. The point is, both parties are looking for a property they see potential in. We’re here to give you our top tips so that your home can make a lasting impression on your viewers.

Make your home presentable

The most important thing you can do – make your home presentable! You are probably thinking, well duh. But making your home presentable is more than just making your home look clean and tidy, it’s about eliminating clutter and touching up the little details. Remove dust from the skirting boards, find a place for all of your loose bobby pins, and refresh the toilet roll.

Put the heating on

No one enjoys being cold, not to mention the spooky vibe associated with a cold room. We’re not saying that you need to make your home like a sauna, you don’t want your viewers rushing to get out because they are too warm. You also don’t want them to be cold. Having the heating on is also a chance to Demonstrate that the heating system is working properly, and viewers will not need to spend money replacing it.

Make it smell nice

What’s that smell? This is definitely something we don’t want viewers to be saying with a repelled look on their face. Now we are not going to tell you to bake some cookies, we are just saying, install an automatic air freshener or use an air diffuser.

Add some light

Everything can seem a bit gloomy in the winter, it’s rainy, and the sky is darker which means less light is let into your home. Winter is all about Christmas movies, warm jumpers, hot chocolate and just being cosy. Add some warm lighting, nothing too bright, just enough to light up your house and make it look homely.

Make the garden presentable

Don’t forget about your garden, we repeat, do not forget about your garden. You may not use your garden much, or maybe not at all during the winter months, but your garden can make or break a viewer’s decision to buy your house. You don’t need to do anything amazing but mowing the grass and tidying the patio could be the difference between whether or not you make a sale.

Can I sell my house without an estate agent?

We all know that Estate agent fees are expensive. Well, it doesn’t have to be. We provide a simple mobile technology platform for people to buy and sell houses throughout the UK so that you can sell your house quicker, cheaper, and simpler. It costs just £249 to list your property.

We make it easy for you to Sell your house yourself or even let your property without an agent.

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